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Upplifunin er frábær!

Ef þú trúir okkur ekki....

Sjáðu hvað þær hafa að segja!

Við eigum bestu viðskiptavinina og við vitum það. Það reynist oft ekki auðveld akvörðun að koma í svona myndatöku þrátt fyrir að þig kannski hefur lengi langað. 


Margar af þeim komun sem að hafa komið í töku til okkar eru að koma fyrir þær sjálfar. Eða til að gefa maka sínum gjöf.  

Sjáðu hvað nokkrar viðskiptavina okkar hafa að segja um upplifunina:

Annie, 46

I have to admit I was a bit nervous of taking my clothes off for a boudoir shoot! At the ripe old age of 46 there are a few parts of my body that have seen better days even though I am very happy and proud to have a body that has served me well! Hildur helped me to relax immediately and within about 10 mins I was almost enjoying myself. The experience and the photos have helped me to appreciate, accept and love my body and also to embrace my inner sex goddess :-)). Hildur has a special knack of helping women feel good about themselves and totally comfortable about their sexuality. I think my husband was pretty happy too!!

Paula, 40 

What an unique experience to do a boudoir shoot. How nervous I was at the start but Hildur helped me relax by making it a very fun shoot. Beautiful results that I'm very proud of. I hesitated to do it but I'm very glad I did! Great gift idea for your husband or just yourself.

Julie, 43

I had gone back and forth for years about having Boudoir photos taken and had not gone forward with them until I met Hildur. She is the kind of person you immediately feel comfortable with and has such a collaborative mindset that I knew I would be happy with the outcome. I was not disappointed. She had me find examples of the style and types of poses I liked ahead of time and then worked with me during the photo shoot to find the versions (and angles!) that worked best for me. It was great fun and I love every one of the photos. Suffice it to say, I can’t recommend Hildur enough. She is an extraordinarily talented “woman’s woman” who loves what she does and is passionate about women finding joy in their own beauty. If you have ever thought about taking Boudoir photos, book Hildur now. You will enjoy the entire experience.

Joanne, 39

"What a great experience. I never imagined a Photo Shoot could give me so much confidence. Hildur makes the sessions fun and relaxed so you are truly able to be yourself. Wonderful."

Nathalie, 38

I had a great and fun experience with Hildur's Boudoir session! It was something I always thought about doing, but was always a bit worried about where my pictures might end up... trust was a very important factor for me and that's one of the reasons why I chose to schedule a session with Hildur. We had a lot of fun during the shoot, she did a great job keeping everything classy and subdued, just how I like it - we even had some cake! She's a talented photographer who will make you feel comfortable throughout the whole session and you'll have a great present for your husband - or even for yourself! Thanks so much Hildur for a super fun day I'll always remember - my husband says thank you too ;) x

Faith, 35

Taking the opportunity to have some boudoir photos taken isn't usually something that I would opt for but having the privilege of the extremely talented and dynamic Hildur to take a series of tasteful photos in an environment where I was able to relax and feel comfortable within her calming presence, left me beyond elated with the results..and a mention of the husbands expression was priceless!!
Thank you Hildur for such an amazing experience..a day that I will forever cherish! xx

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